Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.

Aqua Pennsylvania is a subsidiary of Essential Utilities, Inc., which was created in February 2020 when Aqua America, Inc. was renamed. Essential’s assets include one of the nation’s largest publicly-traded water and wastewater utilities, providing drinking water to nearly 3.0 million people while owning and operating over 1,500 public water systems.  Aqua submitted two proposals, one for $380 million and one for $330 million. $11.8 million would be available immediately. Rates would remain at the rate of $30.54 until 2025. $55 million would be placed in a trust in order to stabilize rates increase that would occur after 2025. Setting aside this money would allow rates to stay at $30.54 through 2030 if the City proceeds with the $330 million proposal and 2028 if the City proceeds with the $380 million proposal. All rates are subject to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The estimated rates in 2031 are $43.01 and $45.88 for the $330 million and $380 million proposal, respectively. To learn more about this proposal, click the link below.

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